In our family hunting is a way of life.  I was introduced to the great outdoors at a
very young age by my grandfather and two uncles who instilled in me the
passion and ethical principles that I take into the woods today. September 1st
has always marked the first day of dove season and the beginning of a time
where I spent most weekends riding around the truck with my uncle Matt and
grandfather Benny, going after whatever was in season. On my first youth day
deer hunt, I remember I was kneeling down on the edge of a field with my
grandfather, receiving very explicit instructions, “put the pin about 6 inches in
front of its shoulder and make sure you swing with it, just like I’ve taught you.” It
was like he knew exactly what was going to happen. 10 minutes went by and
when two deer came running across the field at about 60 yards, I held my 20ga
Remington 870 tight to my shoulder, put the bead 6 inches in front of the
shoulder and swung on the first of the two as if it was a passing clay bird.
Instinct and excitement took over and all 3 shots found their mark. Call it
beginners luck, but I like to believe I had the best coach a young hunter could
ask for. Many years have passed and many great memories have been had but
that one will always be at the top.

In life, my greatest passion is the sport of lacrosse.  I have played since the third
grade and I have always strived to be the best in the world. Fortunately, with the
help from great coaches, teammates and a lot of hard work, I was able to win a
Gold Medal in the 2010 world games with team USA. I have been playing indoor
and outdoor lacrosse professionally for six years and feel blessed to be able to
make the sport I love, part of my living.  As the Outdoor Lacrosse season comes
to an end in late August, and September comes around my anticipation and
preparation for deer season heats up. Bowhunting mature whitetails is a great
passion of mine.  It is now
my truck that is running around, over to the Eastern
Shore, having to put out cameras, hang stands and brush blinds, doing all the
things I used to do with my uncle and grandfather.

My game is not perfect, however I am still learning from the more experienced
hunters like my uncle Matt and teammate Gary but most importantly, I will learn
from the Mature Whitetail himself.


Bredan Mundorf
Ellicott City, Maryland
Professional lacrosse player
Operations Manager at M&M Sediment
Control and Excavating Inc.
Bitmore Outdoors Crew