My love for the outdoors started when I was a child, following my father while
pheasant hunting on my uncles Christmas tree farm.  As the pheasant
population started to decline, my passion for bow hunting mature whitetails
increased.  My extremely patient wife of 21 years, Frannie Mundorf, believes I
have a sickness.  I do not know if it is a sickness but I do know that I have a bad
case of whitetail obsession, and at the age of 44, it does not look like I am going
to outgrow it anytime soon.  Although whitetails are my #1 obsession, as soon
as the rut slows down and the waterfowl migration hits the Chesapeake Bay,
you can bet I will be tucked in a blind with my family, friends and my lab Warden,
watching geese glide across the corn stubble or ducks back peddling over the
decoys in a marsh.  

When hunting season is over, the shed hunting begins.  Looking for sheds of
the whitetails that got away or the ones who need one more year to mature is my
favorite activity in February and March.  With no time to rest, spring is right
around the corner and that means fishing season and coaching lacrosse.  
Coaching my lacrosse is extremely rewarding.

Life has been good to me in all my endeavors.  While on the field, in the field or
in the office I have been known to be a little bit lucky.  I would rather be lucky than
good any day!  There is nothing better than when those long days in the field,
those long hours preparing and my passion to succeed, meet up with a little

Matthew Mundorf
Ellicott City, Maryland
Owner, Bitmore Outdoors
Owner, M&M Sediment Control and Excavating Inc.